General scope
The Ninth National Conference on Chemistry is organized under the motto ‘science and technology for better life’. The main objective of the conference is to discuss all fields of chemistry related to innovative and current topics, with emphasis on the latest developments in chemistry and relation to everyday life and clean environment. Multidisciplinary topics with related fields such as theoretical chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, earth and life sciences will be strongly encouraged. High-level scientific contributions including basic research and industrial applications will be particularly appreciated. Innovations in the chemicals sector will be supported that lead to the development of advanced materials (such as hybrid and lightweight materials, materials for tissue engineering, self-cleaning surfaces, and energy recovery and storage), and advanced process technologies that enable more flexible production with more efficient use of energy, feedstock, and water. Contributions to improved recycling and increased use of renewable feedstock will also be considered. Papers on the following topics are invited: agrochemistry – fertilisers and pesticides; analytical chemistry; catalysis; ceramics and silicate chemistry; chemical engineering; chemistry and education; chemistry and technology of polymers; computational chemistry and molecular modelling; electrochemistry; environmental protection; food chemistry, green energy, inorganic chemistry; management in chemical industries; mineral processing; natural products; new materials; organic chemistry; organometallics chemistry; petrochemistry; pharmaceuticals; physical chemistry; pulp and paper technology; radiochemistry; solid state chemistry; supramolecular chemistry; textile and leather chemistry.